Jeweled Cross


   This ludicrously large cross was the first of my new pieces in 2004. I wanted to create something a little bit over-the-top. I think I succeeded! It is made of 14K Gold, and features over 60 ct. of gemstones.
    To emulate crosses like the ones seen in museums, two of the stones feature unique inclusions, further guaranteeing one-of-a-kind markings. The precious gem, Aquamarine, is partially translucent. The Rutilated or Tourmelated Quartz is genuine clear rock quartz with bars of black Tourmaline running through it making both of these stones individual and unmatched, the way nature created them.
    Individual carat weight stone-to-stone may vary, but total gemstone carat weight per cross will total over 60 carats. Cross measures 4-1/8 inches in length - bale to end, and 2 inches side to side. Individual crosses may vary within inch, according to actual stone sizes. The bezel measures inch in height. (Requested gemstone upgrade costs will be factored in stone by stone).

PRICE: $10,000

PRICE:  $1,500


Jeweled Cross Original Sketch